Who were the Vikings?

The Vikings were from Scandinavia (Norway, Finland and Sweden), they jumped into their long boats and sailed over to BritainĀ and Ireland.

When the British saw the boats approaching they ran down to the shores to welcome them in but the Vikings instead fought the British, stole from the churches and burnt buildings down to the grounds! Not very nice of them.

In fact they were so well known as bad people the whole name ‘Vikings’ means… ‘A Viking Raid’

Did Vikings really have horns on their helmets?

This is going to come as a shock but Vikings never wore horns on their head! It is a complete myth!

It was possibly made up by the English who were often terrified of the Vikings and therefore made stories up about them, but nothing has every been found to prove they wore horns on their head!

Were all Vikings bad people?

Not at all, most Vikings came over for a new life of farming and a quiet life. Whilst some were fighting and causing a bit of a bother, some Vikings were trading their goods to buy silver, gold, spices and wines that they could take back to their homeland!

What did the Vikings do for us?

The Vikings created great cities such as Dublin, York and most cities/towns that end in -by, -thorpe and -ay! (For example, Torquay, Scunthorpe and Derby!!)

They brought great art and language with them. It is documented that the word ‘Happy’, ‘Husband’ and ‘Window’ wouldn’t exist without the pilgrimage of the Vikings!

They also introduced the idea of showering weekly, combing your hair and looking very nice. Maybe we should thank the Vikings because they stopped us from smelling!!