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Hi there!TimColour

Let me introduce myself, my name is Tim and I’ve got a CRAZY story to tell you. I’ve been spending my whole summer holidays at my Uncle Jimmy’s place and my uncle is quite possibly the most boring uncle in the world. (Thanks mum and dad, I love you too!)

Uncle Jimmy’s ideas of having fun were not like me and you. In fact right now he is in the middle of raising a world championship worthy ‘Giant African Racing Snails.’ (Also known as the dullest pet in existence). They don’t do much but munch on lettuce and slime up the walls really really REALLY slowly.

There is one exciting thing about staying at Uncle Jimmy’s though.

At night time (way past my bed time) Uncle Jimmy goes into the spare room which is normally locked up with countless amounts of padlocks and labelled as ‘NO ENTRY!!’. He would lock the door behind him and…





What could it be creating such strange noises? I thought about spaceships or high tech armour for his snails but Uncle Jimmy wasn’t cool enough for that… 

One night I stayed up waaaaaaaaaaaay past my bed time just in hopes of seeing something in the room, I had to be really careful not to be seen or the secrets would just get more… secret! After plenty of zapping and cracking and fizzling Uncle Jimmy made a run to the toilet… this was my chance!

So I sneaked down the corridor making sure I didn’t make a sound and I snuck into the spare room.

It was dark inside. It smelt of burnt rubber and a strange metallic smell. I couldn’t find the light switch so I just kind of walked around with my arms stretched out and squinting in hopes something would appear. Well something did appear, right into my face as I walked into a big metal machine!

I reached for a switch and gave it a flick… I mean I don’t know what switch I switched but it wasn’t a light switch it was a completely different switch. The whole room started flashing blue then orange, smoke decorated the room in different colours and that is when I saw it. Towering over me was the



machine I had ever seen, it was covered in thousands of lights that were all flashing different colours, above the lights were hundreds of clocks spinning around in a blur, then by the clocks was a red velvet chair. On the seat was a big sign saying ‘In case of new person discovering me, please don’t sit here’. But because I am super-duper curious and I don’t like rules I decided to plant my bottom on it!timemachinestory

The millisecond my bottom touched the velvet seat the whole world started to whirl about in circles and everything began to shake. It’s like I could see everything I had dreamed about flashing past at a million miles an hour.

But before I knew it there was a little POP! And everything stopped. It was dark and I could hear someone talking in the other room. I stumbled over to the door (as it was still dark) and opened the door a little bit. I couldn’t believe it but it was daylight outside! I was pretty sure I had only been in that room for a few minutes. That’s when I heard it…

“Go on Slimy! Over the loop and… No… NO… NOOOOOO!!!!”

This is when I realised that time hadn’t gone fast and we were now in tomorrow morning but that time had somehow gone backwards and we were in fact in yesterday’s morning not tomorrow’s morning. I think I might have accidentally time travelled… I know I’m not making much sense right now but stick with it.

I know this because yesterday was the day Slimy (Uncle Jimmy’s fastest snail) didn’t make it round the loop in a tragic racing accident and Uncle Jimmy had been crying about it all day. Don’t worry though, Slimy pulled through with just a cracked shell and a bruised ego.

“Uncle Jimmy, what have you done to slimy?”


You wouldn’t believe who said that, but that was me. Like not present me but past me! So I was sat mere meters away from myself.

“Having fun are we Tim?” said Uncle Jimmy.

But this wasn’t the same Uncle Jimmy that was crying over a defeated snail, this was an Uncle Jimmy that was stood behind me, so present Uncle Jimmy was in the past watching past Uncle Jimmy talk to past me and in the meantime talking to present me… Ouch I’m getting a headache.

“I spotted my machine had made a journey and I followed you, what are you doing here Tim? Do you know how dangerous time travel is? If you change one thing the whole world that we know could change!”

I didn’t really know what to say to this, it was all a little bit over whelming.

“Tim, please go back to the present and promise me you will never use this machine again!”

“But what are you doing here?”

“I’m going to stop Slimy before he cracks his shell!”

“I think you’re too late…”


(Uncle Jimmy was always a little bit dramatic)

Well this was when we shot back to the future/present and it was night time again and in the present. One sure thing I have learnt today is that time travel gives you a headache just from trying to work it out.

I’ve had a real good think about what Uncle Jimmy said and I had every intention of never using it again… but would one more time really do that much damage? What do you think? Comment below!

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