Dinosaurs Ahoy!

20th May 2016/New

Well I didn’t expect to bump into a T-Rex called Ellen today…

 So today was one that will take me a while to forget, I fancied turning the clock really far back, much further than I have turned it before. But when I arrived it all looked so normal. It was just a green field with a few boring tree’s. Though when I looked a little harder, things started to look a lot different.

As I approached the tree’s I noticed that the leaves were all different, some were purple, some were orange!

Well that was until I heard a huge “ROARRR!!!!” come from the distance and out popped a GIANT Tyrannosaurs Rex! You might think I am exaggerating when I say giant but it was, in fact it was probably two times bigger than my uncles house (which was pretty big).

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